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Billing Procedures

Water bills are mailed to customers every two months. Your bill is due and payable upon receipt. Prompt payment of bills helps us hold the line on costs. An unpaid bill becomes delinquent 25 days after it has been mailed.  The customer is then sent a reminder notice that payment has not been received and additional 10 days is allowed to pay the bill. This is called a late payment. A $10 penalty or late charge is added to the bill at that time. If the bill is not paid by the reminder due date, an $18 fee will be assessed to the account.  The property will be tagged a minimum of 48 hours prior to the service being scheduled to be turned off.  If the service is then turned off, a $36 disconnect fee is charged.

To restore service, the following will be required:

Payment of all outstanding balances, including a $36 restoration charge.
A $50 water and/or a $50 sewer deposit (refundable after one year of satisfactory credit)

There is a $25 charge for checks returned unpaid. If the District is unsuccessful in collecting on the account, the property will be liened or the bill may be turned over to a collection agency. If you have questions about credit or notices, call (209) 754-3543 and ask for our Customer Services Department.

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Meter Reading

If your meter has been damaged or is inaccessible for some reason, the water base rate will be charged and the meter problem will be remedied as quickly as possible. In any case, the next available meter reading will provide you with the actual usage. Your meter is read approximately every 60 days. You will recognize the District meter reader by his or her uniform and the District vehicle that may be parked nearby. If you are still not satisfied he or she is a District employee, ask for further identification

Access to Meters

As a customer of CCWD, it is your responsibility to maintain full access to your water meter for reading and any necessary maintenance and repair by District personnel. If, for example, your meter is in an enclosed yard, you are responsible for its accessibility. This means relocating the fence at your expense or paying CCWD to relocate your meter. If you own a dog (or other animal that might cause harm) you will be required to keep it penned or otherwise restrained and away from the meter reader. Your meter must be kept free from obstructions such as shrubbery that might interfere with access.

Questions About Billing

General questions should be referred to the Customer Service Office at (209) 754-3543 . In case of a question or complaint involving excessive consumption, a District employee will be sent out to check your meter and make sure it is operating correctly.

Water Rates

State law requires CCWD to set rates and levy charges sufficient to cover operating expenses, including interest on debts, and to provide funds for replacement or construction of facilities. Service and demand charge. The monthly base charge to cover the fixed costs of maintaining the District's infrastructure to your meter, your account, and general District overhead. Current billing is done bi-monthly. Quantity (Volume) charge. Based on the actual amount of water used, measured in cubic feet (cf). 1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons. Through 6/30/2007, customers are provided up to 300cf of water per month as part of the base charge. Effective 7/1/2007, that amount is increased to 500cf per month. Click here for a copy of the current rate schedule.

Understanding Your Statement

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Rates and Billing Procedures

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