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CCWD Asking for Customers to Conserve Water During this Heat Wave - August 17, 2020

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced that power is likely to be shut off to much of Calaveras County between 3-10PM each day from August 17-20.  CCWD is urging customers to conserve water and only use it for critical health and safety needs during this heat wave.  While CCWD has backup generators for key infrastructure facilities, indoor and outdoor water conservation will help lessen the load on these generators and protect the water levels.

To ensure adequate supply for all customers, the Calaveras County Water District asks that you:

  • Avoid any unnecessary uses of water
    • Watering lawns and outdoor landscaping
    • Washing vehicles
    • Filling swimming pools
    • Washing of hardscapes
    • Flushing toilets after every use
    • Washing clothes
    • Running the dishwasher
    • Taking baths or long showers.

Heavy water demand coupled with excessive heat puts an additional burden on the electrical components of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants and Pump Stations.  Your cooperation with this conservation effort will help CCWD provide you with a reliable water supply through this heat wave.

A logo with a water droplet and the slogan "WATER USE IT WISELY."
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