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Water Resources

The objective of Calaveras County Water District’s (CCWD) Water Resources Department (Department) is to manage CCWD’s water supply planning and water rights, lead watershed management efforts, guide shortage and drought response actions, and participate in regional coordination, among other tasks. These activities often extend beyond CCWD’s service areas, owing to several key resources and important waterways (e.g., Stanislaus, Mokelumne, and Calaveras River Watersheds), CCWD’s jurisdiction covering Calaveras County (County), and the benefits of coordinating with state-wide and regional partners.

The 2021-2026+ CCWD Strategic Plan, adopted April 28, 2021 by the CCWD Board of Directors, outlines several of the Department’s functions, and long- and short-term objectives, as follows:

  • Leverage CCWD’s hydropower projects to benefit the near- and long-term priorities for CCWD and its stakeholders.
  • Continue responsible management of groundwater resources County-wide and evaluate opportunities for conjunctive use.
  • Evaluate feasibility of and implement plans to secure new water storage for CCWD water supply reliability and resiliency.
  • Consider water transfers and exchanges, as allowed by CCWD’s water rights, consistent with CCWD’s integrated water management strategy.
  • Protect, develop, and extend CCWD’s water rights to ensure County-wide water reliability and resilience.
  • Protect Calaveras County’s watersheds to adapt to climate change, promote healthy forests for wildlife protection, and water yield, protect water quality, and ensure sustainability.
  • Pursue sustainable water supply projects such as recycled water.
Graphic listing core topics of a Water Resources Department, including water rights, drought response, and sustainable management.

Most of the work completed by Department staff results in technical studies and analyses, project actions, planning and guidance documents, and/or other information used to guide CCWD in preserving and protecting its water resources and assets. The Department website links below provide an overview of key water resources concepts and these activities – these pages are under construction and will become active as info is uploaded.

  • Water Supplies & Rights
  • Watershed Management
  • Shortage & Drought Response
  • Regional Coordination
  • Groundwater Management
  • Local & Statewide Hydrologic Conditions
Water Resources Key Documents 



Water Resources Department: Meet Our Staff

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