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Rent a Hydrant Meter

Contact the Calaveras County Water District Accounting Department at (209) 754-3116 or during regular business hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) to request a hydrant meter. See the Hydrant Meter Policy for details.

To apply for a hydrant meter, complete this form:

Hydrant Meter/ Fill Station Service Agreement Form

Hydrant Meter Service: The fill station and hydrant meters are available only to provide temporary construction water for construction use. The customer is required to fill out and sign an application for service which includes a description of intended water use and an estimate of anticipated usage. The application includes a service agreement establishing liability for any accrued costs for water consumption/base daily charges, District staff and administration, damage to District infrastructure, and unscheduled maintenance to the District water system,
including flushing, due to improper use of hydrant meter equipment/facilities.

Installation fees and deposits are required in accordance with the Hydrant Meter/Fill Station Service Fees chart below. Once an application has been authorized by the District, service will be provided, subject to availability of equipment and facilities. Any unauthorized use of the water or District equipment will be subject to immediate termination of the service and could face being billed a water loss fee of $200 and can be held liable for up to $2,500 per day for violating the Business & Professional Code Section 17200, in addition to any additional fees due to damage caused to the District’s property due to unlawful diversion.

Hydrant meter or fill station services will be billed monthly at the irrigation/landscape/other consumptive rate and are subject to the same collection policies and procedures as other water and sewer services in their applicable service areas. Rates established for their usage are included in the Hydrant/Fill Station Service Fees chart below.

The customer will also be charged for any other costs as defined in the service agreement above. After payment is received in full for all charges related to this service, the unused portion of the security deposit will be returned to the customer. The General Manager or his designated representatives can provide written authorization for exceptions to this policy not to exceed $1,000.

Charge TypePayment TermsFill StationHydrant Meter
Security DepositBefore InstallationNone$500
Installation ChargeBefore InstallationNone$50
Consumptive RatesMonthly and/or Disconnection of ServiceIrrigation/Landscape/OtherIrrigation/Landscape/Other
Daily Base Charge for Five (5)( DaysMonthly and/or Disconnection of Service$7$7
Removal FeeDisconnection of Service$30$50
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