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Finance Department  

The Finance Department is under the umbrella of the Administrative Services Department, which is the fiduciary of the District’s finances and assets. The department provides accurate, timely, and understandable financial information regarding district operations and services, and ensures compliance with various federal, state, and district policies, rules and regulations. The department also includes Information Systems management.

Financial Services

The Finance Department is responsible for cash management, investment portfolio, debt management, and management of the district’s banking and other financial services relationships. Cash management includes the timely deposit, investment and disbursement of funds, all in accordance with district policy. Staff ensures that all transactions are accounted for and reported accurately, and are compliant with district policy, applicable laws, and other regulations. Debt management includes the issuance and ongoing administration of the district’s debt instruments, as well as management of the debt instruments of special assessment districts.

Department staff report accurate and timely financial records according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) requirements. Staff is also responsible for audit compliance, miscellaneous analysis of district projects, grant reporting and adherence to internal controls.

The department also prepares and monitors the District’s operating and capital improvement program (CIP) budgets, including revenue and expenditure projections. It is also responsible for water and wastewater rate and other fee studies and ensures that they are in compliance with district policy and all applicable state laws.

Financial Reports

Fiscal YearBudgetAudited Financial Statements
CCWD Final FY 2024-2025<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2024-2025</a> 
CCWD Final FY 2023-2024<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2023-2024</a>
CCWD Final FY 2022-2023<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2022-2023</a><a href="">Audited Financial Statements June 30, 2023</a>
CCWD Final FY 2021-2022<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2021-2022</a><a href="">Audited Financial Statements June 30, 2022</a>
CCWD Final FY 2020-2021<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2020-2021</a><a href="">Audited Financial Statements June 30, 2021</a>
CCWD Final FY 2019-2020<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2019-2020</a><a href="">Audited Financial Statements June 30, 2020</a>
CCWD Final FY 2018-2019<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2018-2019</a><a href="">Audited Financial Statements June 30, 2019</a>
CCWD Final FY 2017-2018<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2017-2018</a><a href="">Audited Financial Statements June 30, 2018</a>
CCWD Final FY 2016-2017<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2016-2017</a><a href="">Audited Financial Statements June 30, 2017</a>
CCWD Final FY 2015-2016<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2015-2016</a><a href="">Audited Financial Statements June 30, 2016</a>
CCWD Final FY 2014-2015<a href="">Adopted Budget FY 2014-2015</a><a href="">Audited Financial Statements June 30, 2015</a>

Finance Department: Meet Our Staff

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