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Water Quality

CCWD Annual Water Quality Reports

We are proud to present our annual drinking water reports. District staff have dedicated themselves to producing drinking water that meets all state and federal standards, and we continually strive to adopt new methods for delivering the highest quality drinking water to your homes and businesses.

Calaveras County Water District customers are fortunate to enjoy an abundant water supply from multiple sources. CCWD has rights to the water on the three major rivers that flow through our county:

  • Calaveras River
  • Mokelumne River
  • Stanislaus River

Five of our water supply systems draw from these surface water sources. The source for our Copper Cove system is the Stanislaus River at Lake Tulloch. The source for the Ebbetts Pass system is the Stanislaus River at McKay’s Reservoir. The source for our Jenny Lind system is the Calaveras River below New Hogan Dam. The source for our Sheep Ranch system is San Antonio Creek below White Pines Reservoir, a tributary to the Calaveras River. The source for our West Point system is Bear Creek, a tributary to the Middle Fork of the Mokelumne River. Our sixth water system in Wallace draws water from two groundwater wells in the South San Joaquin Groundwater Basin. All three river watersheds have been surveyed for potential contaminants, and the watersheds were determined to be pristine. No man-made organic constituents have ever been detected. These survey reports are available for viewing at the District office in San Andreas. To learn more about our watershed, go to the U.S. EPA’s Surf Your Watershed at www.epa. gov/surf


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