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Know Why I Was Not Informed Of A Water Service Outage

Not all water service outages can be pre-planned. Many outages are the result of emergency line breaks and emergencies that occur. The District does its best to notify customers when planned outages occur by placing notification tags at customers’ properties, sending press releases to local media outlets, website posts, social media posts (Facebook & Twitter) and community bulletin board postings. Customers can also sign up for water service outage information on our website by subscribing to CCWD’s various email lists.

Emails and direct phone calls are used occasionally. However, these notifications are only effective if the District has updated contact information for customers. Please make sure you have provided Customer Service with your current email, address and phone number by sending the updated information to or calling (209) 754-3543.

Please note: If you are a tenant, we will not update the property account to include your email address and phone number, as all accounts stay in the legal deeded owner’s name. Tenants can stay informed of emergencies that may impact them by checking CCWD’s website and liking CCWD on Facebook at

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