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Opening Your Account

If you have purchased a parcel with current water and/or wastewater service, an account will be opened automatically once we are notified by the Calaveras County Recorder’s Office of the legal deeded ownership change being recorded. There is an administration fee for all new accounts.

The Following Information is Required to Open a New Account 

Name & contact information
Address and/or APN of new account
Property owner’s name
Billing address
Escrow Information (if applicable) to show proof of ownership

View our Welcome LetterDownload the New Customer Infomation Packet

Customer Payment Responsibility

Legal-deeded property owners are responsible to pay bimonthly water and wastewater bills, regardless of their occupancy or use of the property. The only exceptions to this requirement are the suspension of service and foreclosure abatement policy (See Forms and Documents).

Tenant/Property Manager Billing Options

The Calaveras County Water District does not send paper copies of bills to tenants or property managers, unless a secondary bill-to application is submitted by the legal-deeded property owner (See Forms and Documents) and an annual fee of $15 is paid. The District only holds the legal deeded owner responsible to pay the bill and thus only sends paper copies of the bill to owners. If a legal deeded property owner would like their tenant to receive an electronic copy of their bill, they need to give the tenant their billing information to set up an account on Property managers can also provide the owner information needed to set up accounts to help facilitate this electronic billing process.

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