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Adding A Dwelling On My Property

The District restricts the size of accessory dwellings to 900 square feet. To get an accessory dwelling approved by the District, you must have a certified plumber send the District a letter certifying that the water meter serving the primary dwelling is adequate to serve the accessory dwelling. Once approved, CCWD will add an additional 0.55 multiplier to the customer’s sewer capacity fees to account for the accessory dwelling’s additional usage. Fees for customers who have septic tanks and are served by a step system operated by CCWD will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For policy details, see Ordinance 2007-02 and Resolution 2007-114.

Ordinance 2007-02 Resolution 2007-114

For more information about accessory dwellings and to submit an application, contact the Engineering Department at or (209) 754-3181.

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