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CCWD Reminder to Only Flush Toilet Paper To Help Keep Wastewater Operators Safe - August 25, 2020

Update  August 25, 2020

Calaveras County Water District is reminding customers to be mindful of what you are flushing.  Surgical Gloves are being added to the list of “What Not to Flush”.  The Calaveras County Water District has recently encountered an excessive amount of rubber surgical gloves in the sewer systems.  These gloves can clog sewer system pumps and piping and increase the risk of a raw sewage overflow.  CCWD would like to respectfully remind you that the only acceptable material to be flushed down a toilet is human waste and toilet paper.

Thank you for your cooperation!!

Original Post March 19, 2020

CCWD would like to remind everyone that, other than human waste, toilet paper is the only acceptable flushable item. Paper towels, sanitary wipes, swiffers, etc., can damage wastewater infrastructure and require operators to work in close proximity to raw sewage. COVID-19 can be present in wastewater, so it is particularly important during this outbreak that we minimize exposure for wastewater operators. CCWD asks that you consider the integrity of the sewer system and the health and safety of all wastewater operators before you flush. Wastewater crews are often unsung heroes that our communities rely on. You can help reduce their risk of exposure by remembering not to flush anything besides human waste and toilet paper.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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