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CUSD & CCWD Boards Approve Memorandum of Understanding - December 13, 2018

A new partnership was formed between the Calaveras Unified School District and the Calaveras County Water District this week when both Boards unanimously approved a memorandum of understanding. The districts are working together on a plan to connect Jenny Lind Elementary School to CCWD’s public sewer system. The school has been operating an on-site sewage treatment and disposal system since 1992, which is antiquated and has reached the end of its useful life. While the old plant is still functioning, CUSD does not have funds to replace the old equipment, which is why the preferred option is to connect to CCWD’s system using grant funding.

The MOU was approved 5-0 by the CUSD Board Tuesday December 11 and approved 5-0 by the CCWD Board Wednesday December 12.

Click here to read CCWD’s resolution of approval

“We are extremely pleased to have this strong partnership that benefits our school district and our community,” said Mark Campbell, CUSD superintendent of schools. “This project is a phenomenal example of strong organizations working together to maximize state and local resources to create opportunities and benefits for the school district and the community.”

“This is a good example of a clear need being demonstrated and CCWD being able to help facilitate what I hope is going to be a great solution to the problem Jenny Lind Elementary is having with its onsite wastewater treatment plant,” said CCWD Board President, Russ Thomas. “As this project moves ahead, we look forward to working closely with the school district to see this project through.”

A $500,000 planning grant was obtained by CUSD in early 2018 to develop a plan for the project. In 2019, CUSD will apply for a construction grant from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) to fund the entire project construction cost, which is expected to be $7 million. To strengthen that application, CUSD worked with CCWD to develop a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in which CCWD establishes it will provide sewer services to Jenny Lind Elementary School once the CWSRF grant is secured and showing clear cooperation and collaboration between the two districts on this project.

If the project moves forward as planned, construction would likely begin in late 2019. During construction, CCWD’s sewer line on Vista Del Lago Drive will be expanded by about 3.5 miles along Berkesey Lane, under Highway 26 to Baldwin Street, ending at the Jenny Lind Elementary School. No residents who live along the alignment will be required to connect to CCWD sewer service.

“This result is truly indicative of what two districts can accomplish when they work together,” said Jeffrey Meyer, CCWD interim general manager. “This allows the school district to get out of the sewer business and focus on what’s important – education.”

“I am extremely appreciative for the diligent efforts of Joe Cruz, Hugh Logan and CCWD administration to move us forward in a positive direction,” Campbell said. “This agreement and mutually beneficial partnership should make us all very proud.”

CUSD contact: Joe Cruz, supervisor of maintenance and operations,  or (209) 754-2334

CCWD contact: Joel Metzger, manager of external affairs, or (209) 754-3123

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