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Reach 3A Project Update: August 7 – 18 - August 7, 2017

Construction Update

August 7-11

Crews will continue trenching and installation of new pipeline through Cedar Center and along Oak Court. Large equipment and construction activity will continue to create traffic delays in the area, and access to businesses and parking will be impacted by this work.

August 13-18

Once new pipeline has been installed past Cedar Center and along Oak Court to just east of the Black Bear Inn, crews will tie in a pressure-reducing valve and begin testing the new sections of pipeline. Once testing is complete, crews will begin trenching between Oak Court and Pine Drive, passing just east of the Black Bear Inn’s property. Construction activity will include heavy equipment working in the area, elevated noise levels and impacts to traffic flow and parking.

Project summary

As of August, T&S Construction had replaced about about 18,000 feet of pipeline and fewer than 1,000 feet remain, and the project is more than 90 percent complete. The remaining portions of pipeline that need to be replaced are from Oak Court to Pine Drive at the north end of the abandoned Meadowmont Golf Course. Substantial completion of the project is expected in early September 2017.


Those with questions or concerns about the project, may call CCWD at (209) 754-3543 or email

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