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Reach 3A Project Update: Paving Schedule - September 20, 2017

Update September 28, 2017: CCWD crews paved Manuel and Sequoia Roads this afternoon. Tomorrow, crews will be paving in the Meadowmont Shopping Center parking lot, Cedar Center and Pine Drive. Next week, crews will pave around the entry to Snowshoe Brewery and on Meadowview Drive. All paving is expected to be complete by the end of next week.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Motorists, please use caution in the areas where paving is taking place. Crews have ground out sections of asphalt, which leaves large bumps in the road. These bumps may not be repaved for several days, and drivers should use extra caution when traveling through these areas. Signage has been placed near the bumps to alert drivers.

Original post:

The Reach 3A Pipeline Replacement Project in Arnold is very close to completion. The installation of new pipeline is finished, and construction crews are now focusing on finishing permanent paving and other clean-up activities throughout the Arnold area. Community members should expect to see heavy construction equipment and experience intermittent traffic delays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday for the next couple of weeks. All project work is expected to be complete by early-to-mid October 2017.

Construction Update

September 21-22: Crews will tie in the final section of new pipeline, which was installed between Black Bear Inn and Pine Street. Boxes that allow CCWD field crew members to access underground valves will be adjusted to be flush with street level.

September 25-29: Crews will be paving in the area of the Blagen Road/Highway 4/Dunbar Road intersection, Fir Street, Sequoia Street, Cedar Center, Pine Drive and Manual Road. Expect traffic delays.

October 2-6: Crews will be paving in the area of Snowshoe Brewery and the Meadowmont Shopping Center. Expect traffic delays.

List of roads that will be be partially paved or patched in the Arnold area:

  1. Blagen Road from Longman Lane, Henry Street to Highway 4
  2.  Meadowmont Way at Highway 4
  3.  Dunbar Road from Hwy 4 to intersection of Fir Street
  4.  All of Cedar Center from Doctor Arnold’s Office to Oak Court/Black Bear Inn
  5.  Manuel Road at Sequoia Street Intersection (impacting traffic to Millwoods)
  6.  East end of Fir Street
  7.  Sequoia Street and Sequoia Street/Willow Lane Intersection
  8.  East end of Pine Drive
  9.  Cedar Drive at Highway 4 at Big Trees Market west entrance

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Project summary

As of September 20, T&S Construction had replaced about 20,000 feet of pipeline, and the project was nearly 100 percent complete. Substantial completion of the project is expected by the middle of October 2017.


Those with questions or concerns about the project, may call CCWD Customer Service at (209) 754-3543 or email

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