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The Cost of Water

What is the cost of water?

Imagine the ease of turning on your tap and receiving clean, dependable water. Locally sourced from our watersheds and conveyed through infrastructure that bolsters community, ensures fire protection, and promotes health. Water isn't merely essential; it's the cornerstone of our daily lives. At CCWD, we honor the intrinsic value of water and its indispensable role in enriching lives and communities alike.

Water Cost Calculator

Water Cost Calculator

Cost Results:

Daily Cost: $0

Monthly Cost: $0

Bi-Monthly Cost: $0

Yearly Cost: $0

Usage Results:

Daily: 0 gallons

Monthly: 0 gallons

Bi-Monthly: 0 gallons

Yearly: 0 gallons



A dynamic splash of water captured against a black background, depicting motion and fluidity.
"How many gallons are in a cubic foot of water?"
Says, just about everyone.

Understanding water usage isn't just about gallons. Converting daily consumption into cubic feet offers a broader perspective. Use our conversion calculator below to easily switch between gallons and cubic feet, helping you manage water usage efficiently.

Gallon and Cubic Foot Converter

Gallon to Cubic Foot Converter


0 cubic feet

Cubic Foot to Gallon Converter


0 gallons


Dynamic splash of water captured against a black background.

CCWD's 2023 - 2027 Rate Calculator

Billing Consumption = Cubic Feet / 60 day period

New Water Rates Effective July 16th of Each Year

Calculations for residential 5/8-inch meter
cf = cubic foot | 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons

Please Select (or Click On) a Customer Type:

Base Rate: $136.03

Total Water Bill (Base Rate + Tier Cost): $136.03

Cost Breakdown

Tier 1 (0 - 1,500 cf)

Cost Per 100 cf: $2.07

Consumption (cf): 0

Tier Cost: $0.00

Tier 2 (1,501 - 3,000 cf)

Cost Per 100 cf: $2.25

Consumption (cf): 0

Tier Cost: $0.00

Tier 3 (3,001 - 100,000 cf)

Cost Per 100 cf: $2.49

Consumption (cf): 0

Tier Cost: $0.00

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