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Boil Water Notice Issued for Some Customers in Big Trees Village - May 3, 2018

Update 2 p.m. Sunday May 6: All water tests came back negative for harmful bacteria for two consecutive days, so CCWD has lifted the boil water notice in Big Trees Village. All 110 customers who were impacted can now use water normally. CCWD thanks customers for their patience during the water outage, emergency leak repair and boil water notice.

Update 8 a.m. Sunday May 6: CCWD has taken samples of the water in the area of Big Trees Village (Meko Drive, Blackfoot Circle, Midoo Way and parts of Shoshone) that was impacted by the leak, and the first set of tests came back negative for any harmful constituents. If the second consecutive day of testing also back showing everything is OK with the water, CCWD hopes to lift the boil water notice soon. All impacted customers (a boil water notice was handed to you or left on your property) should continue boiling drinking water per the notice’s instructions until the District hand-delivers a notice that lifts the boil water order. This could happen today or tomorrow, depending on test results. More information will be posted once it’s available.

Read the Boil Water Notice Here

 Update 12:08 a.m. Friday May 4: CCWD crews repaired the pipeline and are restoring water service to customers. Staff hand-delivered boil water notices to about 100 people who were impacted by this emergency water outage. If a boil water notice was placed on your property, please be sure to follow the instructions. Although CCWD crews are flushing the system, customers who experience discolored water following this repair should turn on an outside faucet at the lowest point on their properties and run it until the water turns clear. Once testing comes back from the laboratory and the water is safe to drink, the District will hand-deliver another notice to your property lifting the boil water notice. The required testing usually takes 2-3 days. More information will be posted once it becomes available.

Workers in high-visibility vests are installing or repairing underground infrastructure at a nighttime worksite.
A worker installing a concrete pipe in a trench with exposed tree roots.
A dug-out hole with a pipe and a yellow robotic device next to it.

Original post: A main, 14-inch water transmission line failed on Meko Drive in Big Trees Village at around 6 p.m. Thursday May 3. More than 50 customers who live on Meko Drive, Blackfoot Circle, Midoo Way and part of Shoshone Drive have had their water service turned off to allow CCWD crews to repair the pipeline. Due to the size of the leak, the District is issuing boil water notices to customers impacted by the water shutdown. Notices will be hand-delivered to all customers who are impacted. The notices will be handed to homeowners or posted on the front door of the homes.

Click here to read the boil water notice.

 CCWD crews are working to restore water service as soon as possible. No estimate is currently available for when repairs will be complete.

Customers in the Big Trees Village area who do not receive a boil water notice on their door do not need to boil their water. More information will be posted once it becomes available.

For more information, call Joel Metzger, manager of external affairs, at 209-768-6270.

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