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CCWD Hydrants Assist in Waverly Firefighting Effort - June 29, 2018

Firefighters pumped thousands of gallons of water from CCWD hydrants in Jenny Lind to supply apparatus fighting the fast-moving Waverly Fire, which burned 12,300 acres between June 29 and July 2 2018.

For information on the Waverly Fire, click here. Or visit the Cal Fire incident page here.

When firefighters draw water from hydrants to fight wildfires, it can cause customers in the area to experience low water pressure and discolored water. This will improve once the fire has been contained and firefighters reduce the amount of water they are taking from the system.

Discolored water can occur when water is pumped from hydrants at a high volume, which speeds up the water flow in the pipes and dislodges mineral build up from the inside walls of the pipe. While these minerals do cause the water to become discolored, the water is still completely safe to drink and there is no risk to public health. If customers to experience discolored water, they can open an outside faucet on the lowest point on their property and run it until the water runs clear.

When wildfires occur, CCWD water treatment plant operators keep a close eye on the firefighters’ water supply needs and make sure the tanks feeding the hydrants have enough water to continue supporting the firefighting effort. In all CCWD’s large water service areas, the District’s water supply system is capable of providing consistent fire flows, which is critical to helping firefighters successfully combat wildfires.

The District is grateful to the firefighters who work so hard to protect community members and their property from destructive wildfires.

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