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Copper Cove B Tank & Clearwell

The Project is located at the Calaveras County Water District’s Copper Cove Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at Kiva Place, and the Copper Cove B Tanks Site at Signal Hill, located in the community of Copperopolis.

The Project consists of the following work:

A water tower under construction with scaffolding, clear skies, and construction materials on the ground.
  • Demolition of existing redwood tank.
  • Construction of new welded steel storage tanks at the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and B Tank Site.
  • Rehabilitation of the existing WTP Clearwell and Steel B Tank.
  • Associated site piping, both above ground and below ground, and appurtenances for interconnection.
  • Pavement, site grading, and installation of concrete tank foundation.
  • Installation of chain link fence and chain link double swing gate.
  • Miscellaneous electrical improvements and cathodic protection for tanks.
  • Coordination with District for demolition, relocation, and interconnections to existing facilities in such a manner as to minimize impacts to Copper Cove Water Treatment Plant’s ability to provide water to its customers.
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