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FEMA Awards $2.8 Million in Grant Funding to CCWD

The Calaveras County Water District is pleased to announce that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has officially awarded $2.8 million in grant funds to build a pretreatment facility at the Jenny Lind Water Treatment Plant. It is critical that CCWD construct this facility to help cope with the severely degraded water quality in the Calaveras River Watershed, which was caused by the devastating Butte Fire. Once constructed, the pretreatment facility will remove suspended sediments in the water, which will allow the existing plant to operate efficiently and continue providing safe, reliable water service to the greater Rancho Calaveras area.

In order to meet the requirements of the grant, the CCWD Board authorized $939,500 in matching funds. The project’s total cost is estimated to be $3.75 million. The planning process has already begun on this project, and construction is expected to begin as soon as the planning and bidding processes are complete.

For more information about the Jenny Lind Pretreatment Facility, see the page teased on the right of this page.

A serene river with bare trees and a sandy shore, under a clear sky.
The unnatural color of the North Fork of the Calaveras River can be seen clearly from Hawver Road. This water ends up in New Hogan Reservoir, which feeds CCWD’s Jenny Lind Water Treatment Plant.
Photo by Joel Metzger


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