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January Precipitation Exceeds Wettest Year on Record January 23, 2017

Precipitation in January across the Sierra Nevada Mountains and foothills has exceeded the wettest year on record, which was 1983. The Calaveras County region has received a cumulative wet-season total of 42.3 inches of rain as of January 23, which exceeds the region’s yearly average of 40.8 inches – and the rain and snow are still falling. This abundance of precipitation is exactly what the State needed to begin recovering from the unprecedented drought that lasted from 2012 to 2015.

Precipitation levels

  1. For the Northern Sierra Precipitation Index, click here. 
  2. For the Central Sierra (San Joaquin, including Calaveras) Precipitation Index, click here. 
  3. For the Southern Sierra (Tulare Basin) Precipitation Index, click here. 

Reservoirs used by CCWD to provide water to customers throughout the County are either spilling or filling rapidly. See below to see the updated levels of all major reservoirs in Calaveras County.


CCWD reminds customers that even with above-average precipitation, the District maintains its commitment to water use efficiency and water waste prohibitions remain in effect. Click here to read the District’s ongoing Stage 0 water waste regulations (Page 135).

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