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New Connections

General Information

A service connection is that portion of the water/wastewater line between the District’s pipeline, in a roadway or easement, and the meter or sewer clean-out. A building service is the piping from the meter/clean-out to the building. Properties may or may not have a service connection to the property. Also, a property may require a District line to be extended to serve the property. Please contact Customer Service for service information to your property. Instructions to activate a service connection are described below.

Properties with a Service Connection
An existing service connection is one with a meter box (for water) and/or a clean-out (for wastewater) at the property line. Activation of the service
connection is obtained by paying the required fees, submitting applicable information about the lot, and having a Customer Service Representative fill out a Utility Service Request (USR) form. The signed USR form will initiate the installation of the water meter, inspections, and bi-monthly service charges. The current fees are included with this packet.

The following information is required to be included with the USR form.

  • The approved County plot plan, or site plan, showing the location of the
    service(s) to the building and CCWD stamp
  • A copy of the County Building Permit and/or on-site sewage disposal
  • A fire sprinkler system approval letter from the County Building Department
  • The Sewage Pumping System data sheet, if applicable
  • Accessory Dwelling Permit, if applicable
  • Easement(s), if applicable
  • A copy of the Quote for New Service (described below), if requested.

If an interested party wishes to have an estimated cost for a new service, an Application for New Service Quotation can be submitted as described below. There is a $30 fee for each residential lot and $75 fee for each commercial lot for those properties having service connections.

Properties without a Service Connection
Properties that are contiguous to a District water and/or wastewater line but are not connected, and capacity is available, will need to pay the cost for a connection. To obtain a cost estimate for the new connection, an Application for New Service Quotation can be submitted. The costs for the connection will be prepared by a Customer Service Representative and will be mailed to you, typically within 7 – 10 days. The cost of service consists of the current capacity fee (water and/or wastewater), water meter and installation cost, inspection fees, and if applicable, estimated service connection costs and assessment fees. A District Capacity and Connection Fee Schedule for each service area is included with this package. A fee of $209 per property, for residential or commercial use without a service connection, is to be included with the application.

Application fees shall be refunded to the applicant if the USR process is completed and applicable fees are paid within ninety (90) days of the quote. Note that any material differences between the information on an Application and the subsequent use of the property and CCWD services may render the quote invalid.

Extension of a District Line to the Property
Properties that require a line extension are to submit a Concept Review Application. The Engineering Department processes these applications and should be contacted for additional information.

Building Service
Customers are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the service from the meter box and/or property line clean-out to the building. All work shall be done in accordance with the Uniform Plumbing Code and to the attached Standards. It is the property owner’s responsibility to bring all materials up to District standards. The District shall inspect all work up to the property line / meter / sewer-clean-out.

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