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Notice About Discolored Water in the Ebbetts Pass Area - August 5, 2020

You may be experiencing brown, discolored, or cloudy water due to repairs made yesterday in the Ebbetts Pass area.  Even if the water is brown, it is completely safe to drink (unless you are in the boil water advisory area below Hunter’s Dam Road, towards Murphys).

If you would like to clear your system of brown water, turn on an outside faucet at the lowest point on your property and let it run until the water runs clear.  To conserve water, CCWD recommends capturing the water for later use on trees, shrubs or other landscaping.  CCWD crews are doing their best to remove air from the system, but it may take some time until water service is back to normal.  Please visit our announcements page for additional information about the boil water notice and updates to the water service.  You can also call 209-754-3543.

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