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State Board Extends Emergency Drought RegulationsFebruary 16, 2017

The State Water Resources Control Board extended statewide drought emergency regulations for 270 days at a meeting in Sacramento last week. In advance of the decision, the Calaveras County Water District had urged the State Board to let the emergency regulations expire, due to a lack of drought conditions in the vast majority of the state (see the District’s advocacy efforts to the right). However, the State Board cited uncertainty about the remainder of the wet season, over-drafted groundwater basins and lingering impacts of the four-year drought as reasons to extend the emergency regulations.

Fortunately, the State Board kept the “stress test” method in place, which allows water suppliers like CCWD to show it has enough water to supply customers’ needs this year and over the next three years, even if those years are dry. The “stress test” was first approved by the State in May 2016 (see information about CCWD lifting mandatory water conservation measures to the right). Because CCWD has certified that it has adequate water to serve its customers, there will be no change to the District’s water conservation requirements at this time. However, the District continues to encourage customers to use water efficiently and reminds everyone that water waste is prohibited on an ongoing basis.

For local coverage of the statewide drought emergency situation, click here to read a story by the Calaveras Enterprise.

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