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Storms Cause Taste and Odor Issues in West Point Water System - March 29, 2019

Large rainstorms have caused rivers to swell and erosion has increased significantly in Bear Creek, which is the Calaveras County Water District’s water supply for West Point and Wilseyville. Soil erosion has filled Bear Creek with sediment, which is difficult to treat and has led to community concerns regarding taste and odor.

To ensure public health and safety, the District frequently samples its treated water and sends it to a third-party laboratory for testing. While there have been no state or federal water quality standards violations, the District is conducting additional testing this weekend to ensure there is no risk to public health.

Taste and odor issues do not typically result in any risk to public health, but the District is actively working to address the concerns expressed by some customers in the West Point community. On Wednesday March 27, CCWD switched from its Bear Creek water supply to the Middle Fork of the Mokelumne River, which has higher flows and is less impacted by sediment loads during storms. The District is also flushing water pipelines to remove water from Bear Creek that may have taste and odor issues. As the system is flushed over the next few days, the District expects taste and odor to improve significantly.

For more information, contact Joel Metzger, Manager of External Affairs, at or (209) 754-3123.

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