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West Point Wilseyville Wastewater Treatment Consolidation Project

Calaveras County Water District owns and operates two wastewater treatment facilities serving the communities of West Point and Wilseyville. The close proximity of the two facilities makes consolidation of these plants a feasible project to streamline operations and maintenance and simplify permitting efforts. The proposed consolidation project has an estimated construction cost of $4.00 million and a total implementation cost of $4.75 million. The project includes construction of a lift station and force main to convey sewage from Wilseyville to the West Point treatment plant. The existing West Point recirculating sand filter treatment process has the capacity to treat additional sewer flows from Wilseyville. However, an equalization/clarification tank is needed to pre-treat the raw sewage from Wilseyville before it enters the recirculating sand filters as they’re intended to treat septic tank effluent and not designed for solids loading. Furthermore, in 2010, the West Point facility was issued a notice of violation by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (CVRWQCB) for exceeding the 100-year freeboard level in its storage ponds; this storage deficiency will be corrected to provide sufficient effluent storage for the consolidated facilities. Synthetic liners may have to be installed in the Wilseyville storage pond to mitigate seepage. Other improvements include installation of a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and construction of septage/sludge handling and containment facilities. Lastly, the Wilseyville pond and spray field will be incorporated into the West Point Wastewater Treatment Plant and permit as auxiliary effluent storage and disposal facilities.

Project Detail 
  •  Construction of a new 6-inch sewer and pump station to intercept flows from the community of   Wilseyville.
  •  Construction of approximately 3,500 feet of parallel 4-inch diameter sewer force main from the   Wilseyville WWTF to the West Point WWTF.
  •  Dewatering of the Wilseyville Pond including mechanical dewatering of accumulated wastewater   sludge,  testing, and solids disposal.
  •  Demolition of part of the Wilseyville Pond west levee and re-grading of the pond bottom.
  •  Construction of two concrete-lined Facultative Sludge Basins (FSBs) equipped with recirculating pump   station.
  •  Construction of five Sludge Drying Beds (SDBs). Two of the beds will be covered with a steel pre-   engineered canopy. Three of the beds will be furnished with roll off containers and geotextile bags.
  •  A pre-engineered septage receiving station equipped with a rock trap, grinder, and mechanical screen.
  •  Addition of a pre-cast concrete building to house new electrical panels and polymer feed system.
  •  Levee improvements to the West Point Pond Storage Pond No. 2. Two feet will be added to the existing   levee height and the perimeter fence will be relocated.
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