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Boil Water Notices Issued to 800 Customers in Rancho Calaveras - July 1, 2019

Update 9 a.m. Tuesday July 2: There has been concern among CCWD customers in Rancho Calaveras that their water supply is contaminated. To address this concern, we would like to remind our customers that this boil water notice was issued out of an abundance of caution following a major leak repair. While it is highly unlikely that anything harmful entered the water supply, the State requires water suppliers to issue boil water notices when water pressure drops below a certain level, and CCWD is complying with this regulation. The notice will be lifted once precautionary testing has been completed for two consecutive days.

A boil water notice is being issued to about 800 customers in Rancho Calaveras who experienced a water service outage this morning, due to a large leak in a water service transmission line at the corner of Baldwin Street and Usher Drive. The 8-inch line failed at around 3 a.m and CCWD crews repaired the line by 9 a.m.

Click here to read the boil water notice

 The District is issuing boil water notices to all customers who lost water service, and the notices will be hand-delivered to each affected property by CCWD staff today. If you receive a boil water notice, please follow the instructions listed on the notice. The notice will be in effect for at least two days.  Additional information about what to do under a boil water notice can be found below:

Boil Water Fact Sheet
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Discolored water information

Discolored water is a common occurrence after pipeline repairs. Opening and closing valves to isolate the area of repair can cause the water flow in the pipes to speed up and slow down, which dislodges minerals from the inside walls of the pipe. District staff will flush the system to remove discolored water, but some may remain in customers’ personal plumbing systems. If customers experience discolored water, they can open an outside faucet at the lowest point on their properties and run it until the water runs clear.

More information will be posted once it becomes available.

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