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New Customer Service Software - September 21, 2021 

CCWD is Rolling Out New Customer Service Software 

CCWD is pleased to announce we are partnering with Tyler Technologies to implement a new customer service software. The software is now live! 

After the software changes, all customers will have NEW customer accounts. This means that any accounts that are currently enrolled in autopay must enroll with the new software. 

All customers will be required to register for the new software to gain access to:  

Person online shopping or banking with a credit card and laptop.
  • Transaction History  
  • Address Information  
  • Account Information  
  • Consumption History 
  • Manage Multiple Accounts 
  • Paying your bill (both single payments and setting up auto pay) 

Important Billing Information:

All CCWD customers will receive a paper bill in the mail with detailed information on how to set up a new account online. Bills are being mailed this week for Copperopolis, Jenny Lind, Wallace, West Point, and Wilseyville will have their NEW account numbers on their bills.  Customers in the Ebbetts Pass Area, who won’t receive their bills until after October 25th, can wait until that bill is received or submit a request to get their new account by selecting this link to submit a help ticket and select Account for Online Enrollment or call 209-754-3543 to ask a Customer Service Representative. 

Customers who are enrolled in home banking directly with bank accounts or credit unions will need to: 

  1. Update the customer account on those ongoing payments.
  2. Ensure that the billing address is updated to PO Box 981224 West Sacramento, CA 95798. 

In order to accommodate customers needing to set up new payment accounts, no late fees will be assessed on past due balances through October 15. 

Improved Customer Service

With the adoption of Tyler Technologies software, CCWD will have the ability to deliver better and faster assistance to the public while providing greater transparency and accessibility for customers. This transition will also include improvements to CCWD’s billing and payment system that will allow for an easier and more streamlined payment process. Once our new Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters are installed, CCWD customers will be able to access their detailed, real-time water usage data through an interactive dashboard within their account. Furthermore, customers can set up water usage and leak alerts.  

We want to thank all our customers for their patience during this transition and we look forward to providing a better service to our valued customers.   

For more information on CCWD’s new finance software or if you have questions about how to set up a new online account visit and click Pay My Bill or contact Customer Service at 754-3543 x 3.   

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